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Outsourcing Office Services

Einat Eron

I hold a B.A. in Business Administration and International Relations, and have a rich and varied professional/international background.  I have worked closely with senior managements at international hi-tech organizations.  I have professional experience in operative office management under stressful, pressured conditions, while improving internal processes, accommodating client needs, prioritizing tasks and exercising the ability to identify core issues and adapt to frequent changes in the working environment. I lived and worked in the USA and Europe for 7 years, my English is at mother tongue level and I have excellent interpersonal communication skills, enabling me to retain good work relations with a wide variety of people, both within and wihtout the organization.


"I believe in my actions and excel in devoting valuable work time to my clients."

The term 'domestique' is familiar to the world of cycling competitions and refers to the rider whose role in the group is to do all that is necessary to improve the chances of the group's leading rider, thus enabling him to retain his strength for the final sprint.  The group's tactics and the domestique's ability to assist the leading rider often make the difference between victory and loss.

Why "Domestique"?

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