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Outsourcing Office Services


Outsourcing Office Services

Cost-saving    |    Flexibility and Availability  | Focus on Core Business  |   Professionalism and Courtesy

Outsourcing Office Administrative Services 

Domestique provides administrative services via outsourcing and enables your business to focus its principal resources on its core activities.  Among our services, we offer accurate and courteous administrative activities, contacts with clients and suppliers, accounting services, surveys and market research, welfare and more.

Domestique provides a professional response suited to your organizational needs, in accordance with the work hours required for each period, and releases the organization from the obligations characterized by employer-employee relations.

  .Efficiency is doing the thing right"
"Effectiveness is doing the right thing 
                Peter Drucker                                                            


Virtual Reception

Database Management

Online Marketing

New Office Space

Workshop/Seminar Support


Executive Assistant


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