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Outsourcing Office Services


Client Relations Management:  maintenance of client database, managing orders, response to clients, managing and forwarding documents; logistics, client satisfaction surveys, etc.


Invoice Payments:  Issue payments, prepare reports for accounting department, issue invoices, obtain payments, handle client clarifications and requests, etc.


Preparation of Reports and Documents:  prepare reports, letters and other writing tasks (including editing and design); fill out forms and tables.


Handle Debts and Late Payments:  Contact and follow-up with debtors to obtain payments.

Consolidation and execution of tasks:  Handle tasks that require attention during a routine work day.


Filing:  Gather, sort and file documents according to filing criteria.


Notes:  Collect and record in writing the various ideas and issues that arise during the day and forward to relevant parties by email.


Office Maintenance:  Management of cleaning services, office security, food and beverage supply to office.

Construction of Templates for Various Documents:  Design templates for frequently-used documents for optimal standardization and efficiency.


Proofreading:  Proofreading and editing prior to document distribution.


Excel Spreadsheets:  Prepare and maintain computerized spreadsheets.


Printing:  Handle production of business cards, letterheads, marketing materials, etc.

Recommendations:  We will contact your satisfied clients to obtain their positive feedback, to assist in promoting your business.


Vehicle Rentals:  Handle insurance for company's vehicles, including maintenance costs involved (receipts, invoices, log management).


Reimbursement of Expenses:  Supervise all business expenses, perform cost-saving processes; manage employee expense reimbursement, follow up on business's credit card expenses.


Ordering of Office Equipment, General Acquisitions:  Consolidate cross-organizational requests and needs, undertake centralized acquisitions of required equipment, including office equipment, food, etc.

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